6,000 silver coins found in a Polish forest

6,000 silver coins found in a Polish forest

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As soon as you read the title of this post, it may give the impression that it is something out of an adventure movie, but no, it is as real as life itself. Were more than 6,000 silver coins which were found in two clay pots in the forest near the town of Guzów.

They were discovered by a forest engineer from Forestal Krzystowice and moved to the Archaeological Museum of the Odra Medio, in the town of Swidnica, where after a preliminary study it is estimated that the coins date from between the 16th and 17th centuries.

As the conservative Barbara Bielinis-Kopec stated, “This is the largest discovery of its kind made in the province of Lubuskie, where, in addition to the 6,159 coins, 5,370 smaller denarii and 787 larger coins known as Prague groschen have been found.”.

After the coins have been practically cleaned, it has been discovered that the oldest had been minted in the year 1513 and the newest in the year 1612. As confirmed by the specialists, these coins are in good condition, although there are some that are stuck to others, but they can be separated without too much problem, although we must wait until the restoration work is finished to see if we can separate them all completely without any problem.

The place where the coins were found has been studied in depth and it has been specified that the treasure was hidden in an old road that connected two small cities many years ago.

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Now the coins and other remains will stay in Swidnica, a museum specialized in this kind of finds, which will serve to learn more about the history of these mysterious coins and also to conveniently catalog them to expose them to the public or keep them to continue studying them, always under the decision of the museum itself.

Although it is important, it was not the largest discovery made in Poland, the honor has it known as Glogow treasure, discovered in 1987, by two workers on a farm, where they discovered a large number of ancient coins, prompting a team of archaeologists to be notified.

This team investigated and found a larger quantity of coins, nothing less than 20,638 silver coins as well as pieces of coins and other objects, many of which are exhibited in the museum for the enjoyment of all lovers of history and archeology.

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