A port from Roman times will be recreated in Turkey

A port from Roman times will be recreated in Turkey

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The University of Ankara recreate a 2,000-year-old ancient Roman port in one of the oldest coastal cities in the Aegean region, Urla. The port will have ships, catapults, warehouses and the same equipment that were used during Roman times, which will be built to have its original appearance. When the construction of the port is completed, tourists can take a tour on a boat from Roman times around the place.

According to a statement made by the University of Ankara, the project, which It is the first of its kind, it will be carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Erkanal has stated that the catapults of the Roman era will be in the harbor and has stated:

In the port there were buildings prepared for loading and registration and we have reproduced those buildings. We have found out that there were small churches in the port in its last stage, but the port that we have rebuilt is from the beginning of the Roman era. We will build at least two ships from the Roman era. The area will be open to tourist visits when the works are finished, and tourists will have the opportunity to tour the Aegean on ships from the Roman era.

Erkan Ibis, a professor at the University of Ankara, has said that this project will be very important for turkish tourism.

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