Saved a Thracian funerary treasure in Bulgaria

Saved a Thracian funerary treasure in Bulgaria

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If there is something that has done much damage to archeology, it is treasure hunters or looters, who are carried away by the material value of a piece rather than thinking about the important archaeological and historical value that it may have and the information that it could reveal. .

This class of people has always existed and on many occasions they have ruined what could be a true archaeological discovery, although they do not always get away with it, as it has happened recently in Bulgaria.

A Thracian tomb containing the remains of a princess, a boy, and a spiritual man, has managed to be saved. In the man's grave, a clay pot was found that once contained some kind of balm, but what attracted the most attention was what was written on its surface, a fragment of the poem Elegy to the Muses, by Solon.

In this case, it should be noted that the tomb was subjected to different emergency excavations since it was discovered that looters have been trying to reach it from different tunnels since June of this year.

The team of archaeologists came forward and they were able to recover different objects, such as an ancient parchment, and thus record everything they found before the looters did, something worthy of appearing in a movie.

Kostadin Kostadinov, chief archaeologist and director of these archaeological works, stated that what they have found is truly unique. He also spoke of the parchment, claiming that it is the first to have part of an ancient literary work that had never been discovered in Bulgaria, although it must be said that much of it has been completely useless by the action of time and the elements, but something that draws a lot of attention is that the text is written from right to left.

Despite the urgency of the archaeologists, it should be noted that the thieves managed to loot many of the places they found near the grave, and they continued working to try to get more material that, surely, they will later sell to third parties.

Today, illegal antiquities trade is very widespread in Bulgaria and according to different experts, it is the second most lucrative illegal activity after the drug business.

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