The oldest fashion book in history

The oldest fashion book in history

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If we take a look at history, one of the most important objects in this area is the books, some considered as faithful witnesses of certain times and of great help so that we could understand the reasons for some of the most important events in history, in all aspects.

This time we want to look at Mattheus schwarz, a peculiar character who worked for one of the best known and wealthy German families of the 16th century, the Fuggers.

His job was to be an accountant for the great bankers, a serious enough job, but he had a very strange hobby for a man in those years, I had a great interest in clothes, which is why it was beginning to collect all the costumes that had accompanied him since he was little And he did it through watercolors, with which he would have collected part of his life in those small works of art.

When he reached 40 years of age he already had 137 watercolors of all her wardrobe and being 63 years old, he had them bound, which would create what is known as Schwarz Clothes Book, which is currently kept in a small museum in the German city of Brunswick.

History has shown that he was one of the first to be interested in fashion as one of the cultural phenomena and in this book we can find an extensive graphic record with rich information, making this piece something very special.

According Ulinka rublack, a researcher at the University of Cambridge, at that time, social gatherings had a fairly strict rule regarding etiquette and depending on the social position of each person, the way of dressing could be completely different.

He cited that no employee could dress more extravagantly than his boss, which could complicate Schwarz's life, but because he worked with important merchants, he could always access good fabrics and have contacts that would get him everything he needed to wear as he wanted.

Now, thanks to this very special book, you can learn about important aspects such as that the clothes were all handmade or that the most elaborate costumes were made in just one week and even that fashion was only available to everyone since the 18th century. Without a doubt, we find the oldest fashion book in history.

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