The best auctions of the week on Catawiki (June 2-8)

The best auctions of the week on Catawiki (June 2-8)

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Today we open a new section: the best auctions of the week on Catawiki, an international auction network where we can legally acquire thousands of objects of all kinds, although we are mainly interested in those that have more to do with history and archeology.

At Catawiki, both private sellers and established physical stores can auction their collections and objects, and we can get them if we win the bids we make with other users.

The advantage of acquiring objects on this website is the legality of the objects we buy, as all sellers must be fully identified and demonstrate, when required, the authenticity of the objects for sale.

Here you can take a look at the best auctions this week (until June 8) and register as either a buyer or a seller.

Natural History

Smoky Quartz Block (130 x 100 x 80mm) - 1170 gr. Go to auction.

Smoky quartz block with well defined edges.
Approximate dimensions: 130xx100x80mm.
Weight: 1170 gr.
Photographs taken indoors with artificial light.

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Keichousaurus hui fossil (16.5 cm) - Triassic Period. Go to auction.

Keichousaurus hui, Guizhou (China).
From the Triassic (approximately 250 million years).
The skeleton is intact.
Fossil: 16.5 cm.
Matrix: 15.2 cm x 9.5 cm.

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Spectacular Seymchan meteorite with 33.6 gr olivines. (Russia). Go to auction.

Fantastic slice of the Seymchan meteorite, found in Russia in 1967.
Exemplary full of olivines that represent 90% of the piece.
Member seller of IMCA (International Meteorite Collectors Association), number # 7412.

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Beautiful bronze mortar - Original from Spain 17th century. Go to auction.

Type - «Rib mortar»
Material: bronze
Date: 17th century.
Origin Spain.
Measurements: height 70 mm and maximum diameter: 120 mm.
Condition - intact patina, shows signs of wear.

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Pre-Columbian sculpture of a priest - 17 cm. Go to auction.

Terracotta statuette of a priest.
Origin: Mexico, Mayan culture.
In perfect state.
The seller has had this object in his possession for decades, being the property of his family.
The seller can show that he got it legally.

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Large collection of 33 magnificent Mousterian / Neanderthal objects from Fontmaure. 3/15 cm. Go to auction.

33 Neanderthal objects from Fontmaure, France.
80,000 - 40,000 BC
It has documentation that attests its legality.
If the purchase is made from the European Union, no export permit is required for the batch.
If the purchase is made from outside the EU, it is necessary to obtain the permits from the Heritage Department of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, which the seller would do after the auction and which may delay the shipment of the lot.

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Tribal and Ethnic Art

Statuette of the great ancestor - HEMBA - Belgian Congo. Go to auction.

Height: 65cm
Material: semi-hard wood in brown with patina.
A piece of the left ear and part of the beard are missing. With signs of erosion on the left ankle and signs of fiction and wear in different places of the sculpture.
Weight: 2.465 kg.
Track and trace shipping

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Canoe mask figurine - MAROVO LAGOON - Solomon Islands. Go to auction.

Material: wood and shell
Length: 25cm
Canoe figureheads were important in war canoes, dedicated to protecting both the vehicle and its warriors.

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Ancient Yemen Coral necklace with silver chain. Go to auction.

Type: Necklace
Purity: Silver 800
The coral beads are approximately 6mm-8.5mm long and 7.5-8.5mm in diameter.
Total measurements: 50 cm long
Weight: 278 grams.

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Curiosities and Antiques

19th century marble mortar. Verona, Italy. Go to auction.

Pharmacy mortar in red Verona marble, in excellent condition, with an inlay of jasper and lapis lazuli.
Extremely rare and one of a kind item.
- Width 28 cm
- Length 28 cm
- Height 17 cm
- Marble edge depth 3 cm
- Inner diameter 16 cm
- Weight: 8 kg

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Two-piece sideboard from the second half of the 19th century, richly carved. Go to auction.

In good condition with signs of aging due to its age. Total measurement, 137 cm high.
Bottom cabinet: 53 x 43 cm and 78 cm high.
Upper cabinet: 50 x 59 high and 20 cm deep.

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Baccarat opal vase, late 19th century. Go to auction.

In good general condition, with slight signs of aging due to its age. 40 cm. high and decorated with a variety of birds and flowers.

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