Four people arrested for the theft of "Big Maple Leaf"

Four people arrested for the theft of

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German police today arrested four people charged with the theft of "Big Maple Leaf", the giant gold coin from a Berlin museum earlier this year. Despite the arrests, have not been able to find any currency sign, which has a face value of $ 1 million and is estimated to be worth $ 3.75 million on the gold market.

The police fear that the treasure «has been cut into small pieces or taken abroad“According to Carsten Pfogl from the Berlin police office. «Unfortunately, we have to presume that it was sold whole or in parts.«He added.

Around 300 policemen participated in the early morning raids in 14 locations, including different apartments and a jewelry store in Berlin's Neukoelln district. The four unidentified suspects between the ages of 18 and 20, along with nine other detainees, were members of an organized crime group In Berlin.

At the same time, two officials from the state body that runs Berlin's museums are being investigated by the police, said Hans-Juergen Harras, the agency's Chief of Security.

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