Neolithic culture found in Egypt

Neolithic culture found in Egypt

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A team of Egyptian and French archaeologists has conducted a important Neolithic discovery in Egypt, more specifically in the Nile Delta, before the time of the pharaohs, the best known of this culture.

The team made a series of holes in the layers of a hill in Tell el-Samara, 140 kilometers from Cairo, where they have found vestiges of a settlement from the 5th millennium BC., about 2,500 years before the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

In the place they found storage silos with animal bones and plant elements inside, which shows the existence of stable communities throughout the area of ​​the Nile Delta wetland, 7,000 years ago.

Nadia kher, from the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, explained “Analyzing the biological material that has been discovered will offer us a clear vision of the first communities that settled in the Nile Delta before the Tiny period and of the origins of agriculture and livestock in Egypt.”.

The tinite period to which it refers, is that of the first pharaonic dynasties about 3,000 BC.

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